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Versace Palazzo Belt with Medusa Buckle Gold-tone Black

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Versace bags and accessories are available now on StockX, including an array of wallets, handbags, and accessories like sunglasses and jewelry. Known for eccentric designs and lavish finishes, Versace bags and accessories are great statement pieces to include in your wardrobe. Versace bags in particular usually feature the iconic La Medusa logo originally designed and implemented by Gianni Versace. As the story goes, Versace chose Medusa as the logo for the house because Medusa in Greek Mythology made people fall in love with her, never looking back. Today, the Medusa logo is prominently showcased on a plethora of Versace bags and accessories, including the Fendi Fendace La Medusa Handbag, Versace Chain Bracelet, the Fendi Fendace V2 Sunglasses, and more. All Versace bags and accessories on StockX are brand new and authenticated by our team of experts. Shop now.