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Available in various designs, the Off-White jackets selection is part of a clothing collection by Milan-based high-end fashion label, Off-White, founded by American designer Virgil Abloh. Different styles in this range include denim jackets, bomber jackets, college jackets, puffer jackets, blazers, and raincoats. The Off-White jackets selection features major silhouettes with the brand’s signature logos, including the trademark arrow motif, the diagonal stripes, and the brand’s name in different styles. For instance, the Black/Orange Letter Patch Varsity Jacket features branded letter patches ‘O’ and ‘W,’ the fashion brand’s initials. Some denim and bomber jackets are adorned in the trademark directional arrows, which are mostly emblazoned at the back, while those with the diagonal stripes have them embellished on the arms or at the back in different hues matching the outfit. Military jackets and mono-color safari jackets feature colored patches. Off-White jackets are available in different materials, including nylon, denim, wool, and leather. Puffer jackets in this range are made from nylon and are insulated with synthetic fibers. The range also includes major collaborations with top apparel companies like Nike and fashion brands like Jordan, like in the Off-White x Jordan Woven Jacket Black. These jackets are so tailored and feature practical all-weather details like drawstring hoods, performance fabrics, and several pockets. Try out the different color combinations in some of the jackets in this range. Like other products in the Off-White collection, this range is also characterized by minimalist branding, except for a few collaborations adorned with the collaboration details throughout.





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OFF-WHITE x Nike 003 Tracksuit Set Beige

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