New Seller Guide
Benefits for High-Volume Sellers

The more you sell, the lower your fees. Streamline your business with bulk shipping, early payouts, and VIP account management.

Bulk Shipping

Simplify your logistics with bulk shipping and low ink labels. Plus, there are no shipping fees for sellers who ship in bulk.

Lower Fees & Bonuses

The more you sell, the lower your fees. Sellers can also qualify for an additional 2% discount by adhering to standards that benefit the overall marketplace.

Early Payouts

With Early Payouts, you get paid as soon as you ship your items, rather than waiting for the item to be verified.

VIP Account Management

Our VIP Account Management team partners with top sellers to enhance their business and explore growth opportunities.

Available for All Level 3+ Sellers - Desktop Only

The bulk management tool for those who sell multiple items on StockX

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Bulk Listings

Easily manage large inventory efficiently; edit multiple Asks or beat the current lowest Ask – all in just a few clicks.

Advanced Tools

Save time and supplies with Quick Add listings, product groupings, data and pricing tools, hotkeys, and low ink labels.


Get started in just a few clicks to access our vast data insights, bulk listings, and more.

I shipped a few bulk apparel orders yesterday and most seem to have already been authenticated. Everything was smooth on my end and very easy to do. No complaints at all. Thank you for giving me access to it because it definitely saves a lot of time.
Sean P.
For All Level 3+ Sellers in Select Countries

Start scaling with Scout – the tool for inventory management, cross-platform selling, and more.

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Sell Anywhere

Manage your listings for any platform, online or off, including Scout’s iOS app.

Manage All of Your Inventory

Ditch manual spreadsheets and easily track all of your inventory. Scout now supports UPC scanning, further simplifying the selling process.

More Selling, Less Accounting

Keep track of your profit and your portfolio’s market value all in one place. Simplify your taxes with end-of-the-year statements.

Scout has been an amazing tool that has led to more sales and better track of the product I have coming in has been a Godsend. Plus being able to list multiple units has been a blessing to my team.
Eric L.
Available by Request for All Level 3+ Sellers

Efficiently manage your inventory with access to StockX tools for Developers. 

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Seller APIs

Easily integrate StockX into your existing workflow, and retrieve and manage all data from selling on our platform.

Order Management

Start scaling your business at a new level of speed thanks to features like Batch and Order Management.

Catalog APIs

Use Catalog APIs to enlist the various products supported on the StockX platform.

I use StockX as it provides convenience and eliminates the hassle. I think rewarding active sellers with the seller levels and bonuses is great.
Michael R.

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