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Billing itself as “beyond modern,” the luxury streetwear label Fear of God is rooted in sophistication, elegance and a deep commitment to helping the modern man fashion his wardrobe. Founded in 2012, the Los-Angeles-based label is the brainchild of eclectic fashion designer Jerry Lorenzo, a former party promoter and all-around extraordinaire. The label’s clothes, including Fear of God hoodies, sweatpants and deluxe shirts, emphasize elongated silhouettes in the style of hip-hop apparel. In addition to this, the 90’s grunge scene, with its jeans and flannel, features prominently in its special mixed aesthetic. Its sneakers tend to be throwbacks to the 90’s as well, with both high top and low top styles, silhouettes designed for comfort, and elegant, straight and white-colored soles. Emblematic of this urban style are hoodies like the Fear of God Essentials 3M Logo Pullover Hoodie and sneakers like the collaboration Nike Air Fear of God 1, which is available in various colors.