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Crocs Classic Clog Lightning McQueen

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Crocs shoes were originally conceived as boat shoes due to their durable material and comfortable fit. As time went on, they became staples of the service industry, with nurses, cooks, and retail workers investing in Crocs so they could stay comfortable during their long shifts. It seemed that Crocs were destined to go down in history as a practical shoe for working people. That all changed in 2016, when Crocs shoes entered the world of high fashion. In 2016, fashion designer Christopher Kane unveiled his collaboration with Crocs during London Fashion Week. His high-fashion design completely revolutionized the way people viewed Crocs. Since then, designer Crocs have become a major part of the fashion industry, with several major designers putting their own spin on this iconic shoe. The brand has also branched out into a wide range of styles, including Crocs sandals and Crocs clogs. With a variety of designs, colorways, and collaborations with fashion designers and celebrities alike, Crocs have taken their place as one of history's most iconic shoes.