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Designer bottoms such as Bape redefine clothing and comfort. Bape bottoms are available in different shark and plain designs with retro and urbane accents. The clothing line uses fabrics such as cotton, nylon and polyester for most of its clothes. The bottoms are available in sizes from infants to XXXL adults and unisex. Bape shorts such as the ABC Camo Sides Shark sweat shorts. The shorts made of cotton have shark mouths and eye prints on the front. Another type of shorts is the indigo and bandana print shorts. College white sweatpants and Go Skate Summer Work shorts made available for men which are crafted from cotton fabric are among the collections in this catalog. Further in the catalog are black sweats and black plain shorts that fit in with the rest of the crowd. Multicoloured bottoms are available for all genders. Every Bape bottom has a clothing description to match. The clothing description provides the measurements and colorways. Styling for the clothes are multicolored streaks, but there are clothes with specific patterns like camouflage patterns which add a unique twist to the bottoms. Artists' logos, glow-in-the-dark side accents, and plant-inspired designs are some additional styles featured in Bape shorts and sweatpants. Bape bottoms come in varied colors, from red, maroon, orange and everything in between. Some of the bottoms are limited edition pieces and pay tribute to a particular design or artist. Cosigned Bape merch extends your options. Some collaborative designs in the Bape bottoms include Nike and Jordan.





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BAPE ABC Camo Sweat Shorts Pink

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